The Rascal vs. The Spoiled Brat / Пройдоха Против Избалованного Сорванца (Josh Eliot, Catalina Video) [2002 г., Twinks, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, DVDRip]

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The Rascal vs. The Spoiled Brat / Пройдоха Против Избалованного Сорванца
Год производства: 2002 г.
Страна: USA
Жанр: Twinks, Anal Sex, Oral Sex
Продолжительность: 01:25:37
Режиссер: Josh Eliot
Студия: Catalina Video
В ролях: Aaron Tanner, Alex Burbon, Brandon Weber, Brice Ebson, David Chelsea, Devon Barry, Jake Woodman, Kirk Kelley, Kyle Richards, Matt Ryder, Brad Austin, Jack ONeill, Josh Eliot, Peter Romero, Tony Fontana
Описание: Catalinas Freshman Series continues its long Rascal saga with The Rascal Vs. The Spoiled Brat in the series created by Josh Eliot and Bill McGlinchey. The Rascal has been released from bootcamp and has returned to Rossmore Academy as an undercover agent working to insure the nations well-being. School counselor Mr. Wright reveals many secrets to Brandon Weber, and then the video transports the viewer to the Maururu Resort in French Polynesia. There ,uncut playmate David Chelsea is caught wanking his cock by resort guest Kirk Kelley. Kelley is no longer interested in the flowers mother sent him for, but in orally and then anally swallowing Chelseas massive stiffy. The zits on Kelleys back and ass are a bit distracting though.
The second scene brings the viewer back to American soil as the spoiled brat, Jake Woodman, returns home from school with the intentions of seducing his boy toy Devon Barry, into some extracurricular activity. Exchanging blow jobs and displaying huge rods and scrumptious buns, the afternoon sun wasnt the only source of heat on that patio. Woodman, as usual, gets his way and has Barry ram his massive dick up Woodmans ass with explosive results. Woodmans cock is huge, and I would have loved to have seen his cock up Barrys ass. Alas, Woodmans acting and forgetting his lines should have been left on the editing room floor.
Scene three bounces from the U.S. to Huahine Island in the Pacific as Brice Ebson teams up with Alex Burbon in a bungalow. Little do they know that they are being spied on and that their entire screw session is being videotaped by an agent peering through the window. This scene saves the otherwise boring video as Ebson lobs out his big cock and Burbon works on it like it was an all-day lollipop. The gorgeous Ebson finally returns a blow job, and then the two actors get into a great 69. Ebson finally slams a home run up Burbons gorgeous ass after Burbon takes a nice ride on Ebsons pony. This is the hottest scene in the whole video, with Ebson and Burbon doing a bang-up job!
Matt Ryder and Kyle Richards get it on in an office. Cutie Ryder works Richards lengthy, uncut cock. Ryder shoves a condomed dildo up Ryders hairy ass, and then Richards replaces the dildo with the real thing, jamming his big pole in and out of Ryders hot butt.
You dont see much sexual action from Weber in this video, unfortunately, but the last scene, Weber, the Rascal, gets a good blowjob from Aaron Tanner. Weber shares in the sexual favors, sucking Tanners cock, and eventually, the Rascal takes a butt pounding from Tanners large penis. Weber beats off his beautiful, uncut cock as Tanner belts out a load of his own. It is a shame that we dont see more of Weber.
The concept is cute for those video viewers that get into this scenario. The scenery is awesome, Sonic Seduction offers an excellent musical score and there are some good video effects as well. But this writer can only pray that the acting in the next Rascal video improves. This episode forced me to fast forward to the sex, and that may be acceptable to some. But enough with the corny overacting and terrible editing in a few spots. The plot was also difficult to follow.
Качество видео: DVDRip
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: MPEG4 Video (H264) 640x480 29.97fps 1966kbps
Аудио: AAC 44100Hz stereo 63kbps

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