[GirlsOnlyPorn.com / NubileFilms.com] Bernie & Sheryl X - Drink Me In (S3:E4) [2021.06.09, Lesbian, Blonde, Redhead, Passion, Petite, 1080p]

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Drink Me In (S3:E4)

Имя актрисы: Bernie & Sheryl X
Название ролика: Drink Me In (S3:E4)
Cайт: GirlsOnlyPorn.com / NubileFilms.com
Description: Its a lovely afternoon as Sheryl X and Bernie hang out together in the kitchen. The sexual tension is obvious as they gently flirt. Eventually, Bernie tires of playing games. She maneuvers Sheryl so that her back is against the counter. Grabbing a piece of ice, Bernie presses it to Sheryls fit abs in a teasing gesture that leaves no mistake.
Bernies exploration expands to Sheryls perky tits with their hard nipples, and then lower to Sheryls twat. Sheryl is happy to let Bernie have her slow advances as long as theyre both naked by the end of it. As soon as their clothes are but a memory, the girls lock lips as their hands roam each others petite figures to relearn one anothers curves.
Bernie remains in control as she gets Sheryl to hop up onto the counter. Sinking to her knees in front of her redheaded lover, Bernie goes to work with her fingers to spread Sheryls pussy juices all over. When Sheryl is properly primed, Bernie goes in for a full on pussy feast. The girls swap spots, with Bernie on a counter and Sheryl lapping happily away at her girlfriends snatch.
One at a time isnt enough for these insatiable fillies. Falling onto her back, Bernie wraps her arms around Sheryl as the redhead climbs on top. The girls create a lesbian 69 that lets them each feast on the others cream filled twats. Their hands are in constant motion, rubbing one anothers clits as they both moan their delight.
Sheryl finds herself on her hands and knees as Bernie keeps her party going from behind. Bernies fingers do most of the work, but her mouth is busy peppering kisses everywhere she can reach. Eventually, she winds up on her back with Sheryl once again repaying the favor in kind.
The girls exchange a kiss that lets them each enjoy their own juices, but theyre not done quite yet. Sheryl leans forward on the counter with one foot supporting her on the floor. Sinking down behind Sheryl, Bernie resumes rubbing her girlfriends greedy puss. She keeps it up until Bernies twat is pulsing with one last climax to find down their afternoon delight.
Год производства: 2021 г.
Жанр: Lesbian, Blonde, Redhead, Passion, Petite
Продолжительность: 00:20:55
Формат видео: MP4
Видео: AVC, 1920x1080 (16:9), 25.000 fps, 4 677 kb/s (0.090 bit/pixel)
Аудио: AAC, 44.1 kHz, 2 ch, 196 kb/s, CBR (English)



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